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Alpaca - Medium Pile - PALE GOLD

  • $24.00

This is a gorgeous dense long 14mm pile alpaca in a very pretty soft colour that reminds me of golden ripe harvest wheat. It has been added to our range to replace the now discontinued 'FRAPPE' alpaca. This Pale Gold colouring isn't included in our stack photo, but is kind of a half-way mark between Frappe and Buff in terms of colour and tone. 

It is just lovely to work with. Great for scissor sculpting chubby little cheeks as well but not as long as our other alpaca option, so great for smaller bears. 

We have this fur available in ivory white and a beige/grey (Nimbus). They all pair up beautifully to make lovely pandas, bunnies, old world bears and even woodland creatures. Example bear in photos has Pale Gold alpaca used for his cheeks, inner ears, chest and paws.  


The following sizes are available via the drop down menu above:

Fat 1/8 50CM x 35CM (20" x 14" Inches)

Fat 1/4 50CM x 70CM (20" x 28" Inches) 

Fat 1/2 100cm x 70cm (40" x 28" Inches)

Long 1/2 140cm x 50cm (56" x 20" Inches)

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