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CRIMSON PLUM - Luxury Faux Fur - 2021 Range - HEAVY PILE

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HEAVY PILE - 1.28kg PER SQUARE METRE - Limited Stock 

This is a very dense faux fur in a beautifully rich colouring with a 20mm base pile and 30mm tiny guard hairs.

Annoyingly this fur wasn't packed well for transport, and we are unable to provide unblemished pieces. Each piece will have some minor crushing or pile push-back. (PLEASE do not purchase this fur if this is a problem for your projects). 


SIZES AVAILABLE: (via the drop down menu)

Fat 1/8 50cm x 35cm (20" x 14" )

Fat 1/4 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28" ) 


Use the photos as a guide - taken in a variety of locations, lighting settings and backgrounds. 

   ** If you have a custom size piece in mind or a bulk order enquiry, please don't hesitate in getting in contact with us for a price.


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