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Smoked Pearl - curly tipped ratinee mohair

  • $30.00

This is a really pretty mohair, and a style we haven't stocked for quite some time. It has a reasonably long 24mm pile, but with a flattened/matted effect that gives the fur a more antique and well loved look. The fur can be left like this when you make your bear, or you can gently brush the fur pile up again to give a wispy, fluffy effect. 

The backing and base of the pile is a beige/cream colour with a dark steal grey tip. 


(Example bear has been made in the same pile type, but a different dye lot)


The following sizes are available via the drop down menu above:

Fat 1/8 50cm x 35cm (20" x 14" s) - 

Fat 1/4 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28" ) 



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