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Crimped Ivory - dense wavy mohair/viscose blend fur

  • $28.00

18mm dense wavy Pile, German mohair/viscose blend fur

This fur is quite simply stunning, and something we've been chasing for many years now. It's heavy, dense and beautifully textured with the crimped wave effect throwing the light. It has a strong backing, and the extra bonus of being a mohair/viscose blend so it's silky, shiny and dyes beautifully. It also pairs perfectly with our limited range of factory-dyed colours in this pile type (see photo below). 

We've included some photos of small and large bears made up in these fabrics to show how versatile it is. 


The following sizes are available via the drop down menu above:

Fat 1/8 50cm x 35cm (20" x 14")

Fat 1/4 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28")

Fat 1/2 100cm x 70cm (39" x 28")


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